Ubuntu 12.04

July 31, 2012 in Operating Systems by core9447

I haven’t been the strongest user of Linux over the last few years but since standing up a server for hosting some applications recently I have come to love and cherish its quirks. My first experience with Linux was a long time ago with Mandrake Linux if anyone remembers that distribution and Debian back in the day. It was pretty painful back in those days to try out any of the major distributions of Linux(3 or 4 DVDs) to just have a regular OS that still wouldn’t run most of your local applications. I really didn’t see the need, but nowadays in our Web 2.0/SaaS world I am really starting to love how simple it is to set up a Ubuntu Linux computer and get it updated and running!

My background is in Windows Server 2003/2008 w/R2 and from that experience I think through application deployments a certain way so it took me a while to realize that most of that work is taken care of for me. One thing I like about Ubuntu 12.04 Sever is how easy it is to update and install just about anything you want on it. The next piece of love is the minimal footprint and I realize Microsoft has begun pushing with Server 2008 gui-less OS but I haven’t got into that very much(Powershell scripting and even VB.net scripting seem to be missing something for me honestly.) So really the piece that I have been looking forward to is getting the server setup and then load testing it to see what it can take!

Android OS for x86 Hardware and some other thoughts

February 8, 2012 in Operating Systems by core9447

Over the last few days we have been hearing more whispers of a secret project going on at Google. Well I decided to jump ahead of the bandwagon and try out Android Live CD for x86 aka Intel/AMD Chips. So after searching around, I have first tried here to get a good running start. After getting VirtualBox up and running, I created a new machine and a virtual drive and I was off! Right out of the gate I was able to use my mouse and access the web. Funny thing about that though, is the chrome browser they were using on this installation is better than the browser built into my DroidX. Jelous a bit I guess is what I feeling about that.

Oh well, so after puttering around a bit I realized: What if Google got really serious about the Chrome OS and the Android platform? What would that mean to the bottom line if they beat Microsoft and Apple both to the starting line in true sharable OS. Notice I said starting line, not finish line because I think the next step in our industry will be the rebirth of the PC. I believe with how easy the platform is and already so many numerous applications out there, if Android was to be pushed as an actual operating system Alternative, I really think there would be quite a few people who would jump the ship. Microsoft has not done anything new with Windows since 95. Lets be honest and examine the facts in that the GUI is pretty much the same. Sure you can take huge Grandma looking buttons and group them together and put them on my screen for Windows 8 and label it some cool Hipster name like ‘Metro’ but lets face it. It looks like fancy buttons you would find on your 90-year-old grandma phone who is going semi crazy and you want to make sure she remembers who she is calling. So I am going to say it now, Microsoft you need a game changer, you need to bridge the OS of the XBOX 360 and all product lines for consumer products. Ditch the Metro UI on your phones and soon to be Windows 8. Clean up the user interface and simplify. Sony did with the PSP/PS3, I love using their products now because every device has the same layout. It is quick but still offers all the same features a console should offer. Personally I would be glad to have that on my PC honestly.

Clearly my thought train went way off the track with this article but I wanted to share with you all about how you too can get Android on your computer if you wanted to check it out before buying an android phone or tablet. Go download Virtual Box and install it and then download an image from the above link and build a new virtual machine and supply the file as a virtual dvd drive. Can’t get much easier than that.



It looks like Google might be taking Android to the next level!

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